When you think of an uber-wealthy person, what comes to mind?

When you think of an uber-wealthy person, what comes to mind? Maybe a nice house. A luxury car. Vacations in Europe. A large family. Perhaps they’re a CEO or own a successful business. The rest is yours to imagine. But in this picture, what don’t we see? The knowledge it took to acquire their wealth. Judgment to pursue the right opportunities. The leverage required to grow their money. And the right team that empowered them.

How Did They Know to These Things?

What makes this kind of difference in people’s lives? How did they know the right steps to take? It isn’t intelligence or dedication. It’s not that someone else wants success more than you. The difference lies in what each person knows and how he or she makes use of that knowledge. The truth of the matter is that, yes, wealthy people are built differently. Whether they’re fortunate children of billionaire families, or “self-made men” like Solomon RC Ali, these folks have unlocked a way of thinking that has changed their lives and has multiplied their wealth-building abilities, helping them build their fortunes, brick by brick. These wealthy winners such as Solomon, Kevin O’Leary and Mark Cuban have not only ‘cracked the code’, but also learned how to act on it!

This book is meant to help people like YOU
get to that level, no matter where you start:

  • A mom who struggles to make ends meet – and wants better for her future and her children!
  • The proud father who wishes to turn a few hard earned dollars into generational wealth
  • A newly-minted entrepreneur staring his first business
  • The seasoned business owner looking to raise capital

What Can YOU Do To Level Up?

Let’s quickly rewind to our first thought. When you pictured a wealthy American, did you picture a man? Was this a black man? And does it matter? No matter your answer, keep reading: For most non-privileged Americans, it feels like the cards are stacked against you. Whether your challenges are systemic, situational or self-imposed, the rules of “the money game” have not – and will not – change, no matter your race, color or creed.

The Wealth Code

The wealthy have a code of rules and an arsenal of inside information about money that gets passed down from parent to child. Their money is multiplying, while yours is … doing what?

Money Rules

Yes, the same “money rules” that apply to Bill Gates and Warren Buffett apply to you as well! So, how do we move forward? First, it’s imperative to view money like a tool, and then change how you perceive it.

Play the Game

As an outsider who has cracked that code, Solomon is uniquely qualified to share the secrets of how he played (and won) at their game– and how wealth earns more influences, fewer threats and ultimately more safety and dignity. Not just for African-Americans, but all Americans.

This book will show you HOW,
because like Solomon says, “It’s simple, but not easy.”

Who Is Solomon RC Ali?

If you’ve used a doorbell in the last 5 years, odds are you’ve touched Solomon’s legacy. As the key executive behind some of today’s most-utilized tech innovations (such as the Ring™ video doorbell), Solomon is a businessman and self-made millionaire who owns the Solomon RC Ali Corporation. Raised in modest means in South Central Los Angeles, Solomon has made a fortune, lost a fortune, and re-made it multiple times over.

His focus as CEO is providing business and financial consulting expertise to privately-owned and publicly traded companies. Put simply, Solomon is the most important financial guru you’ve never heard of. (Until recently, he has preferred it this way.) But now, he’s giving his secrets away!

He’s a man who has been from just “cents to his name” … to the top 1 percent of Americans. And his experience, perspective and wisdom are available to you all in one convenient book.

Solomon’s media appearances have included: FOX Soul, Real Leaders Magazine, Bloomberg, Innovation & Tech Today, NBC News, Black Enterprise, Wharton Business Daily and AfroTech to name a few.

Inside this book, you’ll learn these well-kept secrets of top operators:

Why all wealth begins with how we think – and how to focus on the RIGHT things to life you deserve and desire.

Solomon’s proprietary ‘Probability Of Safe Returns’ and applying it to investment principles.

Why you should view every dollar “as a worker." And most importantly, the best way to have a RICH MINDSET.

What Else Will You Learn?

  • How to “think like a bank” and outwit the big money system
  • What it means to “earn your spend” from a personal standpoint
  • ​Guidelines on budgeting for folks of all wealth levels
  • ​What “legal money schemes” are – and how to avoid them
  • ​Tools to structure your business for generational wealth

In this book, you’ll discover specific and essential wealth-building ideas, used directly by Solomon (as well as other deca-millionaires and centi-millionaires) to establish vehicles of wealth, returning that money “with friends” and how to protect it against generational forces that conspire to take it from you!

Wealth Building Ideas You Can Use RIGHT NOW

- His #1 weapon for building wealth (it’s not what you think)
- Why “the lender always wins” – and what you can do about it!
- The single best way to properly “honor the dollar”
- Most importantly, real solutions that empower and enrich people of all kinds.

Overcoming The Race Struggle

While this book was written for black Americans – and anyone who has an interest in race relations in our country – its relevance and wisdom is universal to everyone who reads it. Within the pages, Solomon breaks down the root causes of African American insecurity, and how to address the race gap – starting with you! Plus, he offers concrete, specific advice on how blacks can leverage their community resources to “supercharge” the wealth-building potential of those around them.


“Life is not hard. Life is about making the right decisions. How do you make the right decisions? You have to get the right knowledge and information from the right people.”


While I cannot promise that success will instantly be yours if you read “WHY BLACK WEALTH MATTERS IN WHITE AMERICA”. But we can guarantee that you will find this interesting, reliable and consistently useful in your personal journey towards building generational wealth.


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